Source code

Source code is available at

Run app from source

  1. Install flutter. This should include the following:
    • Modifying PATH
    • Checking flutter doctor
    • Android setup (including, Android device and/or Android emulator)
  2. To verify your flutter setup, you can skip to the test drive. Note that I don't find it important to setup some editor, but rather, to make sure flutter works from your terminal. Note that this step includes the following:
    • Check flutter devices
  3. git clone
  4. cd cone/cone_flutter
  5. flutter run --flavor=dev --device <see flutter devices> (Regarding flavor, see

You can substitute for some of the steps above if you'd like to try --device macos or --device chrome, etc, but those are not officially supported yet; for example, macos and web are not on Flutter's stable branch yet. I have been using --device macos locally to make some development easier. There is no file provider on web, we need a solution.

Android specific

If you get command not found: adb, try something like export PATH="$PATH:/Users/alice/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools"


This section probably should be moved to PR templates.

I believe any pull requests will be checked on Travis. This includes testing with the formatter, the analyzer, running tests, and checking code coverage. See at base of project.

Please also check conventions for formatting commits, spelling, and rebase your commits until they are clear. If a commit was added to fix another commit in your PR, please combine them.


In one terminal, use flutter run, and note the observatory uri.

In a second terminal, use

flutter screenshot --type=rasterizer --observatory-uri=<uri-from-above>


Make sure cone builds on fdroid

As described at, verify the following command runs successfully.

fdroid build -v -l info.tangential.cone

If it breaks, we either need to change the cone project, or the metadata at fdroiddata.

Modifying the metadata at fdroiddata

fdroid readmeta
fdroid rewritemeta info.tangential.cone
fdroid checkupdates info.tangential.cone
fdroid lint info.tangential.cone
fdroid build -v -l info.tangential.cone

Google Play

flutter clean
flutter build appbundle


cd cone_flutter/android
echo 'source ""\n\ngem "fastlane"' > Gemfile
gem install --user-install bundler
bundle config set path 'vendor/bundle'
bundle install
echo '\n/vendor/bundle/' >> .gitignore