Data entry

Has editable text fields for date, description, and arbitrary number of postings, which each include account, quantity and currency/commodity.

Date field

Has a date picker button, which will insert date in the format yyyy-MM-dd, unless your most recent transaction date has a forward slash / or a period ..

Users may wish we supported other date formats, like dd.MM.yyyy, but when there is a choice, we prefer to look at ledger files as a computer storage format, and there, ISO should be preferred. There is not a good way to determine between little-endian and middle-endian, without complicating the parsing step, etc. So this will not be a priority at this time. We will use big-endian at least for now. The only reason we broke from using yyyy-MM-dd, to other date separators, is because unfortunately, yyyy/MM/dd is the default in ledger-cli. Also, it didn't seem to cause too much extra work in parsing, which is still very much a work in progress. We would rather not complicate parsing unless we have a very good reason.

We now have a feature that shows Today as hint text, so that, when you submit, this is translated to today's date in the big-endian format specified above.

Description field

It has some autocomplete dropdown. One drawback at the moment is, the choice of library does not seem to facilitate using a widget test yet. Whereas, I'd really like to see lots of tests in the project, to make it easier to modify the project.

Also, this is apparently a pain point with respect to being usable for beancount users. I don't have experience with beancount, but I'd like to come up with a way to make the description field useable for both ledger/hledger users, and beancount users.

Account field

Also uses autocomplete dropdown.

Quantity and commodity fields

Quantity field

Will try to pad zeros before writing to file. For example, if your numberLocale was ja, then you might see 3 JPY written as 3 JPY, versus 3 USD written as 3.00 USD.

If you set numberLocale to e.g. de, you will see commas as the decimal separator.

Commodity field

Shows default currency as hint text. If we can create a more useable data entry